Gregory Fit Philosophy

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to fitting a pack is size. Height means nothing. Torso length, everything!

An accurate torso measurement ensures the majority of the packs weight is correctly transferred onto the main structure of the body – the hips. This load transfer onto the hips is accomplished via the lumbar pad and waistbelt transfer panels; resulting in a more comfortable fit and greatening your chance of "epicness" while hiking.

Also pivotal in the quest for fit is proper waistbelt and harness sizing. So while ALL Gregory packs come in various frame/torso sizes, models like the JetStream LTS also come with an adjustable waistbelt and one-time quick adjustment. And larger capacity packs, such as the Response CFS and AFS lines, have fully interchangeable harness and waistbelt components – allowing you to customize the pack and get the ultimate fit for your body type.

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Gregory Fit Philosophy

Good Fit / Bad Fit

Here are some common examples we see with pack fitting. Check your own pack using these tips, make any necessary adjustments, then get out and enjoy the trail.